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Easyrig 2.5 gives you the advantages of both a handheld camera and tripod mounted camera; i.e. with the speed and mobility of the handheld camera you can still achieve steady pictures.

Your back and shoulders are relieved since the load is redistributed to the hips – Easyrig 2.5 helps you to concentrate on the actual filming. You won’t suffer from a strained back or shoulders as you would from normal handheld shooting and you will be able to work for longer periods of time.

The breathable fabric and ventilated soft padding will make your filming with Easyrig 2.5 comfortable and enjoyable.

Easyrig 2.5 is designed and manufactured in Sweden and has been ergonomically tested with optimal results.

After you are finished with your Easyrig 2.5, just fold it and put it in the specially designed Petrol bag that your Easyrig is delivered in.

Easyrig 2.5 will be your best tool when you do sport events, documentaries or news - yes, any occasion where handheld camera is required.


Technical details

Weight: 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs)
Height: Mounted: 90 - 100 cm (35½ - 39½ in)
Suspension line length 88 cm (35 in) when fully stretched.
Capacity: 4kg (9lbs) in steps to 16 kg (35 lbs)
Hip belt sizes:
Small XS - S
Medium M - XL
Large XL - XXXXL

65cm (26 in.) to 80cm (31in.)
82cm (32in.) to 125cm (50in.)
100cm (39in.) to 150cm (60in)

A basic Easyrig 2.5 system includes:

  • Support arm (ordered by camera weight)
  • Lockable camera hook
  • Vest (breathable material)
  • Hip Belt (breathable material)
  • User Manual
  • Transport Bag

Accessories and Spare parts

New design 2015 - Now with an extra pocket
EA201 Easyrig 2.5 hip belt and vest, small - 65cm (26in.) to 80cm (31in.)
EA202 Easyrig 2.5 hip belt and vest, standard - 82cm (32in.) to 125cm (50in.)
EA203 Easyrig 2.5 hip belt and vest, large - 100cm (39in.) to 150cm (60in.)

EA2XX Support bar, different sizes and camera weights (maximum 14 kg, 30 lbs)
Also available as extended +130mm or +230mm. - +5.11in or +9.05in.

EA000 Support bar upper std. (complete with wheels and ball bearings)
EA000a Support bar upper extended +130 mm - 5.11 in (complete with wheels and ball bearings)
EA000b Support bar upper extended +230 mm - 9.05 in (complete with wheels and ball bearings)
EA002 Slip ring for bar ⌀30mm (1,259in)

EA001 Support bar lower. Standard: 600 mm - 23 in / Standard on Easyrig 2.5 and Easyrig 3 Cinema
EA001B Support bar lower. Plus: 800 mm - 31.5 in / Standard on Easyrig 3 Gimbalrig
MC001 Support bar lower. MC-arm: 1000 mm - 39.5 in

EA052 Slider for extended upper support bars
EA053 Knob with washers

EA003-1 Tube between bars for 200-600N models (thickness 1,6 mm-0.062in)
EA003-2 Tube between bars for 700-850N models (thickness 2,0 mm-0.078)
EA004-1 Slip ring for tube for 200-600N models
EA004-2 Slip ring for tube for 700-850N models
EA005 Ring around tube
EA006 Rubber bellow
EA007 Upper nylon block
EA008 Lower nylon block
EA009 End plug


EA005-A Ring around tube, 20mm/0.78in, with pivot stop - New april 2017
EA008-A Lover plastic block with pivot stop - New april 2017

V009B Endplug with 1/4 in thread - for standard arm.
V009C Endplug with 1/4 in thread - for +130/+230 (5/9 in) arm. With spacing for line.

EA010 Upper crossbar
EA012 Attach hoop for support bar
EA013 Knob for attach hoop
EA014 Ball and socket joint M6
EA015 Side help upper, with rubber cover
EA016 Side help lower

EA011 Lower crossbar

EA017 Buckles for hip belt, 50mm (1,968in), comes in pairs
EA018A Buckles for vest, 40mm (1,6in), comes in pairs. New design 2015.
EA018 Buckles for vest, 25mm (0,984in), comes in pairs. Old design.
EA019 Strap tightener, 20 mm (0,787in)
EA019A Strap tightener, 40 mm (1.57in) (not in the picture)

EA020-2 Shock absorber complete, 3-5 kg (200N) 6.6-11 lbs
EA020-3 Shock absorber complete, 5-8 kg (300N) 11-17.6 lbs
EA020-4 Shock absorber complete, 8-10 kg (400N) 17.6-22 lbs
EA020-5 Shock absorber complete, 10-12 kg (500N) 22-26.5 lbs
EA020-6 Shock absorber complete, 12-15 kg (600N) 26.5-33 lbs

EA021-2 Shock absorber M6, 3-5 kg (200N) 6.6-11 lbs
EA021-3 Shock absorber M6, 5-8 kg (300N) 11-17.6 lbs
EA021-4 Shock absorber M6, 8-10 kg (400N) 17.6-22 lbs
EA021-5 Shock absorber M6, 10-12 kg (500N) 22-26.5 lbs
EA021-6 Shock absorber M6, 12-15 kg (600N) 26.5-33 lbs


EA022-1 Upper attach 200-700N (M6 threads)
EA022-2 Upper attach 850-1200N (M8 threads)
EA023-1 Lower attach 200-700N (M6 threads)
EA023-2 Lower attach 850-1200N (M8 threads)

EA030 Rope (fits all Easyrigs exept Gimbal Rig & MC Rig)
EA031A Rope wheel ⌀4mm (0,157in) axle. 20mm diamater
EA031B Rope wheel ⌀4mm (0,157in) axle. 24,5mm diameter
EA032 Rope wheels with ball bearings ⌀6mm (0,236in) axle

EA033 Camera hook - New design april 2017, wider gap 42 mm,lockable
EA035 Cover for camera hook, 40 mm (1,574in) internally
EA036 Spring for camera hook
EA037-A Knob for camera hook, with rubber surface -New april 2017

EA080 Easyrig toolbag
EA081 Camera handle for ARRIFLEX 535B
EA082 Easyrig super clamp (comes in pairs)

M040 Easyrig Mini bag -for Easyrig mini
length: 58 cm, wide: 30cm, hight: 28 cm - 23 in x 12 in x 11 in
EA041 Easyrig Big bag -for Easyrig MC-arm
length: 90 cm, wide: 45cm, hight: 25 cm - 34 in x 18 in x 10 in
EA040 Easyrig Standard bag -for Easyrig standard arm and adjustable + 130 mm (5 in)
length: 64 cm, wide: 26 cm, hight: 24 cm - 25 in x 10 in x 10 in
EA042 Easyrigbag -for Easyrig withadjustable+ 230 mm (9 in)
length: 84 cm, wide: 33 cm, hight: 28 cm - 33 in x 13 in x 11 in
EA043 Easyrig Top of the line -for Vario 5 / Gimbal Rig. Not suitable for + 230 mm (9 in)
length: 65 cm, wide: 30 cm, hight: 30 cm - 26 in x 12 in x 12 in
EA044 Easyrig Plus -for Sirene arms:Vario 5 / Gimbal Rig. Suitablefor + 230 mm (9 in)
length: 92 cm, wide: 33 cm, hight: 35 cm - 36 in x 13 in x 14 in
EA045 Easyrig KING -for Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig-vest / Sirene-arm or + 230 mm (9 in)
length: 82 cm, wide: 32 cm, hight: 38 cm - 32 in x 13 in x 15 in
EA046 Easyrig QUEEN -for Vario 5 with Gimbal Rig-vest up to + 130 mm (5 in) upper arm
length: 67 cm, wide: 34 cm, hight: 38 cm - 26 in x 13 in x 15 in
EA080 Easyrig toolbag
length: 27 cm, wide: 15 cm, hight: 9 cm - 10 in x 6 in x 4 in

Statements from users

DP Slava Cebotari
Local Cameraman / Ambassador
Rumania & Moldova

"Waiting for statement..."

- Read full statement

DP Michel Bisson
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"Easy-Rig makes an incredible tool for the video industry. I am a Toronto, Canada based DP and owner of an Easy Rig 2.5 for over ten years now. I work all over the world shooting everything from movies to commercials, documentaries to corporate."

- Read full statement

Martin Greve

"If you´re filming from an motorbike, an helicopter or climbing at towers it is always very comfortable and useful..."

- Read full statement

Toby Strong

"Toby is right now testing the Gimbal Rig Vest with Easyrig 3 arm +230..."

- Read full statement

Randy Wimberg
Cameraman DP

"Without it I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do some of the demanding hand held camera work I need to do.."

- Read full statement

Niclas Borlin

"Now I don't know how we could have made the projects without it..."

- Read full statement

Jonathan Young
United Kingdom

"I had looked at an Easyrig on location a few years before when I met a cameraman using one. I had toyed with the idea of getting one but eventually dismissed it. It was only once I began to realise that I wasn't invincible..."

- Read full statement

Jeff Landie
Vice President, Sloan Productions

"I've been an extremely satisfied user of Easyrig 2.5 500N, since I got it back in 2008 after a sustaining handheld shooting-related back injury in 2005. After explaining how it works to my doctor, he agreed it would help me get back to shooting handheld wi"

- Read full statement

DP Riadh Ben Hamadi
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"I'm happy for Easyrig. Here we are shooting our TV drama "Libyat" in Libya in 2009."

- Read full statement

Lennart Jonsson

"Waiting for statement..."

- Read full statement

DP Barry Lank
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"I am currently doing lots of work with the Canadian Military and have found my Easy Rig to be the most valuable piece of gear I own. My Varicam sits on it beautifully and the footage is rock steady."

- Read full statement

DP Peter Zimmerman
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"I used the Easyrig with a 12 kg camera for 4 or 5 hours, and it was amazing to wake up the next day without any aches in my back or shoulder or arm. Many of my colleagues praise the Easyrig and use it often."

- Read full statement

Ulf Hjulfors

"Easyrig is a good relief when running hand camera at rink side. For half a year ago I bought myself an Easyrig because I had such pain in my shoulder. Now, the pain passed over. I notice that my pictures are better now and it's great tool."

- Read full statement

Tom Campbell
Wildlife Cinematographer

"As a full time Marine wildlife cinematographer, I have the opportunity to travel most of the year to many countries of the world while shooting documentaries. Any specialized equipment I can use to improve the final production is always welcome and to our"

- Read full statement

David Wright
Director of Photography

"I bought an Easyrig for a film I just completed. Lots of unusual shooting of action while we followed a crocodile biologist on his adventures. Most of the show was handheld and I think I used the Easyrig everyday."

- Read full statement

Robin Hirsh
Director of photo

"I've been using the rig for about 12 years, use it for absolutely all handheld work & love it! Had I not bought it when I did probably would have had to retire. As it is I do lots of full days of intense hand held work."

- Read full statement

Catherine Cummings

"I have used the Easyrig I think for about 5 or six years. It is still my back saver every day. I have been shooting on all of these Reality shows the past few years. The camera seems to stay up for most of the 12 to 14 hour shifts."

- Read full statement

Guy Morton
Owner of GMVP, LLC, Global Mobile Video Productions

"I love my Easyrig! I wish I had know about it years ago. I've been shooting for 27 years and as most Video Photojournalist can tell you that's a lot of time with the camera on your shoulder and back."

- Read full statement

Troels Sorensen

"I shoot a lot of live sports events for Danish TV. On the back of the Easyrig I have mounted a transmitter and power suply for wireless transmitions."

- Read full statement

Camilla Skagerström

"Since I during many years have been working with the Easyrig and know how steady and smooth it is I emediately suggested to film everything exept interviews and stockshots handheld. We also used the PRO35 adaptor with Carl Zeiss highspeed lenses. No zoomle"

- Read full statement

Edward Orr

"These are pictures of the special rig that you made for Waterline Productions, the customer is very happy and the kit is working well. I hope your business is good and look forward to seeing you again soon."

- Read full statement

Casper Leaver

"From the word go I knew this was a job for the easyrig, and it proved to be one of my best recent decisions. We shot on Panasonic HDX900's with video senders, production matte boxes and panel lights leading to very heavy cameras."

- Read full statement

Kai von Tettenborn
Camerman WDR/ARD

"I like to use the rig not only because it is good for the back. I really like the creative possibilities you have when you work out of hand and are able to do things witch would be impossible without it."

- Read full statement

Joe Albea
Natural World Productions, LLC

"A note to say how much I have enjoyed using my Easyrig 2.5 over the past 4 years. I produce two outdoor related High Definition program series in North Carolina."

- Read full statement

David Meadows

"Waiting for Davids statement."

- Read full statement

DP Darren Bramley
Local Cameraman / Ambassador

"In fact our Company Doctor has now tried out wearing an easyrig and is recommending them to other regional TV Companies. I am also in the process of loaning one to ITN News in London."

- Read full statement

Barry Gregg

"I have eight ruptured discs from an auto accident and the EasyRig made it possible for me to hand hold the Red One 4k camera weighing 32 pounds for ALL of the fourteen days of production with no problems at all."

- Read full statement

Rob Hache

"Sometimes when I show up on a set with the Easyrig, there is a bit of teasing at first, camera operating is a very macho thing. But operators are always asking me about the rig, so I usually encourage them to put it on and try it."

- Read full statement

Kris Lo
Hong Kong

"I was using EasyRig 2.5 for few years. And I was happy to come with the shoot with this rig always and ever. It was pretty easy to use it most for the handheld shot to relief my back pain."

- Read full statement

Sofie Werner

"I am a wildlife cameraman. Sometimes I work for 12 hours a day, only hand held. I couldn't survive without Johan's invention, the Easyrig."

- Read full statement

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